Terms and conditions

The terms and conditions below were formulated according to D.Lgs. n.206 06/09/2005 (Codice del consumo). The term “consumer” refers to someone purchasing goods and services for personal use and not for any entrepreneurial, commercial or professional activity. The “supplier” is Ugento s.r.l. Via Vicinale Fontanelle, 73059 Marina di Ugento (LE), ITALY, selling goods online. Products details are listed on the website product catalogue website.

Product quantity

The website only allows purchasing orders within 50 kg. Any bigger order must be requested to Ugento s.r.l..

The contract

Contract is considered finalized if the following have been provided: • Filled up customer’s form with customers details • Preferred payment method • Term and conditions approval Customer must approve terms and conditions print and file all documents related to the purchase and the products as per D.lgs. 206/2005. It’s strictly forbidden using false details during registration procedure. Name, surname and email address must refer the consumer only. The supplier can legally persecute any terms and condition violation or breach of contract. The consumer’s address will be indicated in the online customer’s form. By entering telephone number, fax number, address and email address, the consumer authorizes the supplier to use these for any communication. Purchase is not permitted to any underage person.

Delivery time and method

As per art.54 comma 1 D.leg. n.206/2005, ordered goods will be delivered to the consumer if purchased within the Italian territory possibly within 5 working days after payment confirmation date, any delay will not allow contract termination or refund. Regarding delivery of goods outside Italian territory, delivery time is 7 working days starting from the day after proof of payment is received, any delay will not allow contract termination or refund. The supplier guarantees that the products listed on the online catalogue will be available for purchase at the time the catalogue is published but cannot guarantee to provide reorders of out of stock goods. In that case the supplier will inform the consumer and will refund any payment made in advance as regulated by art.54, comma 2, D.lgs. n. 206/2005.


The supplier is not responsible for any disruption of service due to force majeure, like fire, explosion, strike, earthquake, hurricane, flooding, crashing of IT system or other events that might cause a disruption and delay of service. The supplier is not responsible for any damage and/or loss caused by one of the reason listed above which might cause disruption of the service agreed in the contract. The customer has the only right to return the goods and get a refund. The supplier is not responsible for any third party fraudulent use of credit cards, cheques and other payment methods. The supplier will never know the customer’s credit card details which are transferred to PayPal directly when payment is processed.

Quality guarantee and support

The supplier trades high-quality products whose quality is legally guaranteed by the manufacturers. Product guarantee will be indicated by the manufacturer for each product.

Contract termination

If the consumer for whatever reason is not satisfied with the product, contract can be terminated without incurring in any legal implications and without specifying any reason as long as termination occurs within 10 working days from the day goods were received. Termination must be notified to the supplier via mail, fax, or email (directly through the website). If the goods have already been delivered, customer is required to send the goods back to the supplier and pay for the delivery. Goods must be sent back within 10 working days from the day goods were received. Goods must be sent back in the original packaging and with their original booklets. Refunds for goods already paid will be sent to the consumer within 30 days from the contract termination notification.

Contract dissolution

The supplier can dissolute a contract and notify dissolution to the consumer. In that case the consumer has the only right to be refunded for what had already been paid. It’s consumer’s obligation to send payment as per art. 6. Missing payment will dissolve the right to contract as per art.1456 c.c. without judge verdict. The Supplier can start a legal action in order to recover the outstanding debt.

Order cancellation

To cancel an order an email must be sent within 24 hours from the order confirmation day to ecom@vivosarsort.com with the subject “cancellation order n. …” . Please indicate order details in the email.


Complains can be addressed via email (ecom@vivosarsort.com).

Online jurisdiction

Any misinterpretation, execution, application of the contract will be subject to the Italian law. Any legal matter involving this contract, as per art 63. D.Lgs. n. 206/2005, will be addressed to the judge of the consumer’s address if within the Italian territory, otherwise legal case will be addressed to Lecce’s tribunal.

How to place an order

The following procedure was formulated according to D.Lgs. n. 206 06/09/2005 (Codice del Consumo). Phase 1 – Order request and booking confirmation Once the order is processed a confirmation will be sent via email to the customer and Ugento s.r.l. will be cced. If the confirmation via email is not received that means the order has not been processed correctly. If that happens, please write to ecom@vivosarsort.com. Orders will be processed the following working day. In case of Bacs payment, the order will be processed as soon proof of payment is received via email sent to ecom@vivosarsort.com. Please always quote payment details and C.R.O. reference number. Goods will be sent as soon as payment clears on our bank account. If an order is incomplete (missing or wrong address or unauthorized credit card payment), we will telephone you or contact you via email. Customers will also be contacted if goods ordered are temporally unavailable or their quality is not up to our normal standards. In that case order can be modified on the telephone or can be put on hold until the requested items are available.

Phase 2 – Courier delivery

We deliver every day, Monday to Friday at 13:00. Orders can be amended any time before 13:00. In case of order amendments we need an extra day for shipment. Once goods are passed to the courier, they will be delivered within 5 working days for deliveries within Italian territory, 7 working days if abroad.

Phase 3 – Consignment of goods to the customer

In order to avoid delays, please always provide an address where someone can sign delivery (work address, friends and family). If nobody can sign a notice will be left with a telephone number to call in order to arrange redelivery. If nobody is at the address the courier will try to deliver another time. If nobody is at the address a second time, customer will be contacted on the telephone. If nobody is available goods will be kept on hold in the warehouse. If a courier notice is received, please follow instructions.

Phase 4 – Goods return

If you receive the wrong product or if goods were damaged and can’t be used, you can request to return it by writing within two working days from consignment day to ecom@vivosarsort.com . Please specify: • Name • Wrong/damaged product name and code • Replacement product name and code • We will send a courier to pick up goods free of charge. If the replacement product is not available, we will issue a credit note that can be used with future orders or money can be refunded on customer’s account. Please note that customer will have to pay for any delivery costs if the right product is received according to the order, but customer wishes to replace it for other reasons. Goods must be returned in perfect conditions and in the original box or packaging.